spicyRomanceCaptive Dragon

Paranormal Romance
Novella (ebook)

Love is wild when your mate is a seadragon
published by Ella Drake
series: Wild Seas
March 1, 2014

Marine biologist Chloe Pearl has had enough of one Reef Bayard, a charismatic animal activist who’s put her job in danger. When she finds him in one of the aquarium’s tanks she knows he’s up to some publicity stunt. She’s determined to uncover his plot, just as soon as she can get that gloriously nude body of his…covered.

Reef isn’t what he appears. He’s a seadragon. And getting netted and on display for Chloe may work in his dreams, but he has to escape the aquarium. Not only doesn’t he want to face the truth, that Chloe must be his mate, but he has work to do protecting other sea creatures.

But the deep doesn’t want to let him go, and a creature from his past is out to get him and Chloe. It’s not the best time to claim a mate, but he has nowhere else to run.

keywords : Paranormal Romance. Shifter. Dragon.
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