spicyRomanceDesert Blade

Science Fiction Romance
Novella (ebook)

Love survives in the post-apocalyptic Midwest
published by Carina Press
series: New Guardsmen

Derek Covington has no luck. Civilization has fallen. He’s lost his family, his home. All he has going for him is his replacement arm, his sword—the weapon of choice for survival in the deserts covering what used to be America. His luck is about to change. Doctor Lidia Covington survived the downfall of Chicago, the riots, the hunger. Now safe in a community guarded by the military in Leavenworth, she hides from danger and from her heart. When she meets Derek again, she leaves safety to help him save a sick child. Together, the heat grows and she can no longer hide. She wants to feel again, to live, but when the drifter gangs descend, she finds it might be too late.
keywords : Science Fiction Romance. Post-Apocalyptic. SFR.
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