spicyRomanceWellington's Surprise

Science Fiction Romance

Letting go is never an option
published by Ella Drake
series: Space Grit
September 29, 2016

Tee and Mal finally get away for some alone time as a newly mated couple, but the tech responsible for Mal's last two cyborg bodies has a surprise. A new Scoriah addition brings the couple to the brink and they react the only way they can, they dig in with their claws and hearts.

Letting go is never an option.

This short story is part of the SPACE GRIT series. It is intended to be read after KILLER MATE and is not standalone.

Warning: This story contains adult language, situations, and medical peril for the newest Bronson addition. As always, there is a happy ending.

keywords : Space Grit. Science Fiction Romance. Space Opera. SFR. Alien. Cyborg.
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Excerpt from Wellington's Surprise

Copyright © 2016 Ella Drake
All rights reserved

(un-edited excerpt)


"It took me a while to track you down." The relief in the stranger"s voice coming through the comm made Tee"s head tilt.

"Who is this?" he snarled. Strangers made him edgy and after the nice relaxing morning he"d spent grooming his mate, he didn"t know if he"d rather reach through the comms and wring this interloper"s neck or question how and why he"d been tracked.

"It"s Wellington."

"Who the hell is Wellington?" Tee"s cheeks raised and a growl built in his chest, leaning forward in the pilot"s seat, he glared at the comm as if it were the person who must be on Station Viesel where they were set to dock in a few hours.

"You don"t know my name?" The man seemed surprised.

Tee straightened in the chair and reluctantly continued the conversation. It meant interrupting his plan to head back to the nest and pin Mal to the mattress for the rest of the trip, but a few minutes to let the cyborg re-build his reserves meant maybe he"d get it a little rough this time. Tee purred and adjusted in his seat. He reached forward, nearly severing the link but instinct stayed his hand.

"Remind me," he gruffly prompted.

"The tech who"s put your cyborg in two different bodies so far. Don"t tell me you"re risking another trip here because you need a new one."

"No. His body suits him." Tee"s lips tipped into a smile he was instantly glad none of his brothers could see. They"d call him soft, again. His mouth twisted. This man, this tech, Wellington, they owed him. He"d not only saved Mal twice, but had kept their secrets. And Mal"s body more than suited Tee. It gave him a reason to open his eyes in the morning, a reason to breathe, it kept Mal"s consciousness safe.

"Who are you talking to?" Mal"s hand fell over Tee"s head and stroked through his hair. Tee purred through the growl of frustration. He"d wanted to rejoin Mal before his lover could escape their nest.

"Just wanted to check our clearance to land before heading back to bed. Wellington interrupted me."


"You knew his name?" Tee accused.

"How did you not know his name? How much money have you wired that one man alone?"

"He gave us account numbers," Tee replied, affronted. "Who needs a human"s name anyway? They"re puny wastes of time."

"This human needs to talk to you." Wellington interrupted and Tee glared again. The puny human needed to be able to see Tee"s scowl and be appropriately terrified.

"Why?" Mal leaned over Tee and Tee turned his head to sniff at Mal"s neck. The usual scent of his oil made Tee"s mouth water. His pants tight against his groin, he adjusted in the seat again. His erection pressing against his clothes, the clothes he had no idea why he"d put on. They were alone on this trip. After months of reassuring themselves that the Geonate truly meant to finally leave them in peace, they"d been free to leave Ferrashi.

Everyone had insisted that Tee and Mal take a honeymoon of sorts. Even Tee knew it was to give his family a break from the surliness that only Mal could tame. That was fine by him.

"We"ll see you there." Mal"s voice rumbled and ripped Tee from his lust-filled thoughts of getting Mal on his back and riding him hard.

"See who, where?" Tee murmured and licked Mal"s neck.

Mal chuckled and cut the comm. "Did I distract you?"

"You know you did, sexy fucker."

Too late, he remembered the cyborg programming. No killing.

Sagging, he muttered, “Fuck.”

“Not this time, lover.” Tee wrenched his head to the side and lunged toward him.

Fangs sank into Mal’s neck and this time, it wasn’t for pleasure. Pain sliced hot and deep through him and he roared.

“What are you doing?” The question echoed from far away.

“Is this him?”

Tee growled and whipped his head while his teeth were buried into Mal. The tearing sent agony through him and a dim corner of his mind questioned why a cyborg didn’t present pheromones but did experience pain.

“We need him alive, fool,” someone roared.

His throat ripped and the weight on him disappeared. Staring at the ceiling, Mal watched it seemingly descend on him. Hands pressed on his neck and perversely, Mal wondered if he bled blood or oil. That was something he should already know, wasn’t it? His systems wanted to shut down. A blinking suffused his vision and took away the ceiling he still stared at.

“No,” he gurgled, telling his body to remain online. The wet sound would’ve meant a human was drowning on his own blood, but Mal didn’t think this body would give in so soon.

Harsh grips lifted him and held him in a sitting position.

“You’re Mal?” Dimly came through the rushing in his ears, rushing of the blood fueled nanobots repairing his ripped neck.

“Why?” he croaked.

“I’m prepared to hire you.”

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